As a society we seem to be becoming more “allergic” or intolerant of foods and chemicals than in the past.

Why is this?

Maybe you’re aware that we live in a world with 80,000+ manmade chemicals, the majority of which didn’t exist for previous generations. Our water contains added chemicals such as chloride and residues such as hormones and plastics. Allergies or intolerances result in increased inflammation in the body which has a detrimental impact on the balance of health within the interconnected systems that comprise our physical bodies. If you read newspapers, magazines or social media feed you are probably already aware that there are an increasing number of people who cannot tolerate gluten.

How can I be tested for allergies/ intolerances?

I use the Wegamed Test Expert Plus technology (Te-P+) to identify potential allergens/intolerances that may be causing you an issue. Testing is performed by a non-invasive, safe method using a blunt pen-like stylus on an acupressure point on the hand.


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How does the Wegamed Test Expert Plus (TE-P+) technology work?

Te-P+ is completely non-invasive and uses bio-impedance (changes in skin resistance when a stimulus is applied) to highlight which foods and/or environmental allergens may be an issue for you.

The technology sends a signal to your finger or thumb and your body sends a message back to Te-P+ which compares the level of resistance to each signal, through this mechanism potential allergens may be identified.

What does Te-P+ test for?

Te-P+ contains hundreds of test items including:

Foods and food additives

Environmental chemicals such as pesticides, dyes,

Man-made chemicals in products such as cosmetics, personal care products, laundry powders

Parasites, viruses, yeasts and bacteria

heavy metals

Who is this testing suitable for?

Te-P+ testing is suitable for all ages, all that is required is to sit still whilst each item is tested.

There are some contraindications for this testing:




Severe cardiac arrhythmias

Do you have symptoms and wonder whether they could be related to unidentified allergies or intolerances?

 If so allergy testing may be appropriate. Please click the button to book a phone call with me.

Please note that allergy testing is usually combined with nutritional therapy. If you have allergies/intolerances they are an indication of an imbalance in your body. Nutritional Therapy uses dietary and lifestyle interventions to support the rebalancing of your body.

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