Below you will find a few words from several people I have worked with.

I had been unwell for a few years and Julie has been amazing in helping me return to good health by helping me with my diet and the use of good supplements as well as a crystal healing session. She is an excellent listener and gives good practical guidance in matters emotional and physical. I had no idea what to expect from the crystal healing therapy but it was an incredible experience.  I came away from it feeling as though a huge burden had been lifted from me. I felt happier, calmer, more relaxed and generally stronger. Thank you, Julie, for helping me to return to living a normal life again


We approached Julie a few months ago because our lovely 3 year old daughter Marley had terrible eczema under both her arms. Julie provided a relaxed, safe and friendly environment that allowed Marley to relax instantly too so that a thorough allergy test could take place. After identifying some of the possible causes we discussed a plan for the coming weeks that was very achievable and that even included helping us to source alternate products. 5-6 weeks on and combining some cream with the changes within our tailored plan and Marley’s itchy bleeding skin is now thankfully clear. Thank you!  

Lee Mason

Julie is a one of a kind therapist. She takes the time to really understand what is happening with you, double checks with both bio-resonance testing and blood tests. On top of this she supports you on an energetic level that helps to calm and level you out even when you didn't know that's what you needed. She never gives up, even when you want to give up on yourself. She helps you see that there is always another way to approach an issue. If you really want a champion and results, Julie is the therapist for you.



When I first visited Julie I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my GP and was taking two types of antidepressant to help with the symptoms as well as sleeping tablets. I was unable to function on all the medication and had to give up my job as a teacher. My first sessions with Julie lasted over 2 hours, as she was so thorough, and resulted in her identifying various food intolerances and weaknesses. She recommended a number of supplements to take, along with advising me which foods to avoid and within a few weeks I was feeling better. After two more visits most of my symptoms had disappeared so we decided to review in 6 months. Julie is very patient and thorough and I cannot recommend her highly enough

SS Dorking

During a time when I felt really very low and was struggling with life Julie provided me with a great outlet and sound impartial guidance.  I found her support to be very positive and have no doubt without Julie I would still be stuck in a rut. I found the healing to be a very uplifting experience which I have no doubt helped me on the road to recovery when I was really struggling with everything.

Very quickly I found Julie to be like a best friend and she felt like someone I'd known for many years. I could implicitly trust her and open up completely and found her listening skills and advice invaluable.  

All things considered I cannot recommend Julie highly enough, I have seen a lot of different people on my journey whilst trying to get well - Julie is without doubt superb at her job and if I need support in the future I will definitely return again.  I have learnt that the key to keeping well is not sinking so low you can't get up again - so whilst writing I think seeing Julie every few months will form part of my plan to stay fit and well.

Paul Windsor

I consulted Julie after experiencing severe acid reflux and other digestive issues early in 2016.  My GP had sent me for the usual tests but no diagnosis had been given and was prescribed omeprazole to deal with symptoms. After consulting Julie she identified several intolerances and eventually the main culprit for my issues was found to be gluten. Once I had gone gluten free my symptoms disappeared virtually overnight and I was able to come off my medication almost immediately. I found Julie’s approach to nutritional therapy to be knowledgeable and informative. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. Julie follows up each session with a written tailored programme and recommendations of supplements. She is always happy to answer queries by email or phone and will follow up with any additional research she has found. I would definitely recommend Julie’s nutritional services to my friends and family.


I have been a client of Julie’s for many years, during this time she has supported me through a number of different health issues, including fibromyalgia. Julie is professional, knowledgeable and thorough in her work. I find she uses her intuition to deliver a multi-layered holistic and supportive approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie.

Lee Chester

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